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About Chad 2.0

Miss CHAD? Here Chad 2.0 .
Chad 2.0 is a token for the meme market, no false plans for "use-cases" and vaporware, and no promising a lot and delivering little.
A token that is a store of value based on demand, which is generated by the sentimental value and enthusiasm of a strong community bonded by memes and ideology.


The Vision


At CHAD 2.0, a team of over 40 enthusiastic experts believes in the power of unity and the strength of a vibrant community. Our project is driven by a shared vision of creating an ecosystem where commonality holds exceptional value and boundless power.

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Embrace the Power of Community

At CHAD 2.0, community comes first! We believe that every voice matters, and our community-driven approach places the utmost importance on the role each member plays in shaping our global vision.

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The Power of CHADCHAIN


CHADCHAIN is a Layer 1 Blockchain, EVM compatible with the PoA consensus (Proof of Authority). It empowers all validators (15000 $C2.0 required) to participate and earn rewards. The first Testnet tests were a success

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CHADSWAP - DEX is coming soon!

Get ready to experience a comprehensive platform that simplifies asset exchanges within our ecosystem. With a user-friendly design and enhanced interoperability, CHADSWAP will streamline your asset swapping process like never before.

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Secure and deploy your projects on CHADCHAIN with CHADPAD! Our upcoming utility ensures a high level of security and transparency for projects seeking to launch on our blockchain. Benefit from locked liquidity and rigorous smart contract auditing to inspire investor confidence.

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The Power of CHADCHAIN

Meme Token

Decentralized Ememe token built on binance smart chain

Community Driven

Community dully take control price movement

Safe Token

Definetely not rug

Low Cost

Low costs buy ,sell and transfer

Safe Secure

Safe network

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Our Roadmap

Layer 1 EVM blockchain project with the PaO (Proof of Authorities) consensus led by the community and that you must have 15,000 $C2.0 tokens to be a validator.

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Tax Allocation

  • Buy 1 liquidity 5 marketing
  • Sell 3 liquidity 6 marketing
  • Max wallet 2% 20.000
  • Max tx 1% 10.000


  • Supply 1.000.000
  • Pancakeswap LP 1.000.000
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